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on a dime. >> three to one, john. >>> issue 2. bezos goes postal. sold, the washington post, by a billionaire, jeff bezos. the founder of price? $250 million out of bezos's own pocket. the washington post newspapers has been owned by the same family, the grahams, for eight decade. the post is loss known for its reportage of the watergate break-in that led to the resignation of richard nixon. this was the golden age for the post. but now, in the digital age, with news content gravitating to the internet, the post has struggled, like all print media. donald graham described how revenues declined. seven years in a row, with the newspaper suffering a $54 million operating loss last year. that's $54 million. circulation of the paid print edition plunged from $786,000 in 2002, eleven years ago, to $481,000 in 2012. rather than attempt more cost cutting, says mr. graham, he decided to sell. mr. bezos, age 49, is one of the world's richest people, with an estimated worth billions. he sells streaming video online over amazon prime and he introduced the amazon kindle. bezo
baby. good morning, washington at 5:00 a.m. beginning right now. >> live, and in h.d., this is good morning, washington. on your side. >> good morning, washington. i'm scott. >> thank you for waking up with us on this tuesday morning. we will start with your weather, head over to jackie do talk about the forecast, you rah going to need that umbrella today, jackie. >> . >> all right, we will -- we are going to get back to jackie in just a second, they are having a little bit of a technical issue, let's get on over to amanda. >> 66 eastbound, with ehave a work zone that is still lingering this morning. now, we just got word that the two left lanes are closed. we can see on this live shot that they are staying in that far right lane, and it looks hay may have just picked up those cones there. that camera beaks up every once in a while. hopefully that will get cleared soon. our mapping system shows thaws will be eastbound. the right lane was closed but the traffic center, tells us that they do have that moved over to the shoulder now. so all lanes are open, just expect some slight slow
. are all the storms over. wjz is live with first warning weather coverage. marty is in mount washington with the mobile weather lab. meteorologist chelsea ingram is in the first warning weather center. we'll start with chelsea. >>> hello everyone. we're quiet for now. things have calmed down a bit. take a look at live first warning doppler weather radar. we had a few showers and thunderstorms push over on the eastern shore, some residual from what went on this morning. we have a few spotty showers in the lower eastern shore, honestly not a lot going on. we had so much activity move through earlier today all out ahead of a cold front passing through this afternoon. here it is, we brought you back in time. you can see these strong thunderstorms developing where you see the pink and purple and black, that's where we have indicators of hail and potentially even the location of some potential tornadoes that the national weather service will be serving later today, and we looked at harford county and cecil county. those were the two main spots where we had the strongest weather move through w
the night in the wilderness in northern washington state are safe because of excellent engineering. a temporary road was built in north cascade national park after floodwaters flashed out a permanent one. it forced 65 people stranded in nature. construction on the new road was finished. >>> new this morning, tragedy at a baseball game. a fan at atlanta's turner field fell more than 60 feet to his death during the brave's home game last night. this happened after a lengthy rain delay, nearly 90 minutes. investigators are trying to figure out how he fell. it's believed to be the second fatal fall at the stadium. >>> now, to a pair of legal developments, the effects can be felt coast-to-coast. one involves how drug offenders are dealt with. >> the other addresses the power of police and how they interact with civilians, particularly in new york. tahman bradley has details on both. >> reporter: this morning, two major changes in crime laws with implications for millions. attorney general eric holder has ordered federal prosecutors to stop sweeping up nonviolent drug offenders and sente
archives. tomorrow on washington journal, americans protest the reform president -- discuss the repeal the healthcare law for one year. then, he looks at his network latest series, in thing on inequality in the u.s. justices him. after, as manager of education we talked about, and for standards initiative and how it plays into the overall education in the u.s. "washing journal" is live at 7:00 a.m. eastern on c-span. season two of "first ladies" begins monday, september 9 with a look at the life of roosevelt. encore presentations of season one. each weeknight at 9:00 p.m. eastern on c-span, programs on every first lady. during tonight's encore presentation of our "first ladies" program, a story and will answer your questions about julia tyler at span. ♪ [captions copyright national cable satellite corp. 2013] [captioning performed by national captioning institute] >> she was not happy her husband had been elected president. she never made it to washington. >> when he resigned, he and his wife and their family moved here to williamsburg. it was here that letitia tyler
in washington. >> he is a former u.s. torn he represen -- u.s. attorney he represents one of the benghazi whistleblowers. in an interview with washington he makes the claim that during the terror attack on the u.s. consulate in benghazi when four americans among them were killed some bad characters stole mist ills and distributed them quote it is pretty clear the biggest concern 400 missiles diverted in libya and had gotten into the hands of very ugly people. they are worried about an tame president to shoot down an airliner. i do not know whether they were at the anoch but it was somehow involved in the process of the distribution of the missiles. digenova and his wife victoria represent several so-called whistleblowers from benghazi. you may vs. understalsh lsh al- understand and know a criminal investigation is still going on. >> kelly wright live for us in washington. thanks, kelly. >> this is a horrible story here. the three florida teenagers charged with a brutal beating of a 13-year-old while riding home on the gus from school will appear in juvenile court. he was repeatedly kicked
. there are new questions about exceptions to the health care law, involving exemptions in washington and concessions for insurance companies. we have fox team coverage. jim angle reports on the double standard of creators and implement ors of obama care not having to participate. we begin with correspondent wendell goler traveling with the president in martha's vineyard that could leave you paying more out of pocket. good evening, wendell. >> reporter: good evening, shannon. the concession involves the cap on out of pocket costs to go into effect next year, it could double costs for people that use one to manage medical coverage and another for prescription drug benefits. as the president settled in to vacation life on martha's vineyard, word of a new obama care concession to insurance companies, involving the $6300 a year cap on deductibles and co-pays that was supposed to go into effect next year. officials say insurers sometimes use different companies to administer medical coverage and drug benefits, their computers don't always talk to each other. in those rare cases, people cou
correspondent in washington. why is the u.s. justice department and six american states taking this action? what is behind it? >> a very simple equation. this is about protecting the consumers who would be flying on this new potential airline, a mixture of american airlines and u.s. airways, which would give us american airlines by the way. that would be the name of that if it is created down the road. fewer seats and less competition would lead to higher prices. their base in this largely on communication they have between executives within those two companies admitting that prices could, indeed, get much higher through this kind of merger. ground, what this means is there could potentially be a monopoly on certain routes that both airlines fly right now. and also come a certain dominance of some slots at some airports, meaning parking spaces for the planes and takeoff and landing times that would be reserved for them. interesting comparison here because european regulators said ok to this merger, but only after the airlines give up on some slots at london's heathrow airport. that might be what
called washington, d.c. our nation's capital where everybody has fled the coop except us. president's out of town. vice president's out of town. the house and the senate are all out of town as are most lobbyists and staffers and anybody with any sense, obviously we don't have any. big news today on the law enforcement area in the law enforcement area on three different fronts. first of all, attorney general eric holder says correctly that too many people are in prison for too long for offenses which don't deserve any prison time and he calls for changing our sentencing laws so prison is only reserved for the most serious offenses. a new york judge has said that new york city's stop, question and frisk policy or practices of the new york city police is wrong. it amounts to racial profiling and she says that they've got to stop it. stop and question people based on reasonable suspicion. in boston, a jury has found whitey bulger, surprise, surprise, guilty of racketeering and 11 counts of murder. all of that and more coming up right here on current tv. if you believe in state's rights but st
incorporated, donny deutsch, and in washington, pulitzer-prize winning columnist and associate editor of the "washington post" and analyst eugene robinson. >> you look at the front page of the "new york times," michael bloomberg not a happy man. we're going to be talking about that. also, mike barnicle here to talk about whitey bulger and the conviction in boston. wow, that's really something too. willie geist, you know, there are times, there are moments, there are cracks in time in history where something terrible happens, historically, and there's really no great explanation and, of course, you and i always talk about this. >> yeah. >> gettysburg. >> what -- >> i just know you're up to something. >> the best part of the show, i have no idea where we're going now. i'm just waiting. >> no no, no. willie and i talk, gettysburg, he gets the word in and he says to one of his generals, use your division. he goes, sir, i have no division. >> god. >> and lee figures out, all is lost because of pickett's charge and he says, it is my fault. it's all my fault. that's all he had. mack na mara,
. "washington journal" is next. host: >> good morning on this tuesday, august 13. reports thattime constituents of both partings are meeting in town hall meetings. c-span has been covering some of the town hall meetings across the country this month and be continued today with senator john mccain. go to our website for coverage. the new health-care law is the likely topic at these gatherings. today the front page says the administration has encountered in another setback, to link the limit on consumer costs until 2015. we want to get your take on that. the phone lines -- remember to send us a tweet or post your comment on, and you e-mail us here lies again ashville -- here are the lines again ash we will get to your phone calls in just a minute. a little bit more from the story inside "the new york times," it continues -- what is your take on this? says it is another setback for the obama administration possum limitation of the affordable care act. last night the white house announced a one year delay and enforcement of the law. republican caller, you are u
washington, d.c. for five weeks in august. before i was even sworn in, i wrote a letter to the majority leader, eric cantor saying my evaluation of your calendar says we will not be able to get our work accomplished. sure as all get out we didn't. here we are again, they did not get all the appropriations bills passed, so they have to do another stopgap continuing resolution measure. this is the type of stuff that really doesn't the american people. >> 1791 when it was so hot here in town members of congress were dropping over dead. they did it because of the heat here in washington. >> we've got air conditioning now. >> 1950, i actually researched that. 1950 we got air conditioning in the capital. so for almost 60 years. >> greta, let me tell you something. it's like 133 degrees in southern afghanistan and guys have on all of their gear, helmets and what have you. they don't get to take a five-week vacation. >> point well taken. do you think the president likes this job? >> i don't know. i think that he is enjoying this job. as far as is he able to properly execute the duties he's been
. brian todd, cnn, washington st. >>anny: a kron4 morning news continues after this break. you've got your weather and traffic and headlines. >>: welcome back. time now is 415 on here tuesday. a little milder for some locations. here's a look at the forecast and traffic with erica. >>erica: absolutely. temperatures man and a 50s but not dealing with extensive cloud cover. in fact, the clouds only extend about 20 mi. from the coast line. you will notice, really know '60s on the board. antioch at 59 degrees. 57 in oakland and downtown san francisco boasted these salt a chilly start to your morning and napa. falling into the afternoon, taking a look at highs. started out at the east bay, 90s on the board for the brentwood. the upper eighties through the san ramon valley tariffs as we had to the shoreline, the east bay is still pretty nice with all '70s for san leandro and oakland. upper 60s for those of you in berkeley. took a look at fremont a high of 74 degrees. it is going to feel very nice out there very pleasant pretty comfortable day in the south bay. downtown's san francisco, a little
to take time, she doesn't want to get sucked into every issue in washington right now but she is putting herself in in front of a lot of these issues. she said at the bar association she's going to give a speech on the nsa debate right now which is really interesting given that in 2008, the primary was lost in part because of the left's upset with her vote for the iraq war. the nsa is an issue liberals are very unhappy about and the base of her party is unhappy about. i'm surprised she's getting out there ahead of things. >> and very forward looking. she could go in and reminisce about being first lady or talk about her tenure as the secretary of state. governor, the $64,000 question. here it is. how much are these movements across the country by the gop precipitated by census data pertaining to what's to come in this country in 2050 when whites become a minority as a group of the population? >> i think a lot of it's being driven by that. by the way, you're showing your age. no one under 35 knows what the $64,000 question was. but you're absolutely right. it's being driven by that, and i
was a new york state senator. they were in washington frequently for the social seasons. and she was wp>> he known at t white house and was well known to the daughters of the tylers wasaugven known to come over no just for the parties but do thin tr like quiet ncomes of whisk. so the family knew her quite well. she was quite bel.tin' he and quite rambunctious and was very well educated both here and in eher t so it made her quite -- quite a troubling woman to be around. >> and she quickly caught the widow president's eye. >> she quicetty ca itshe i the widow president's eyes. this moved shockingly quicetty. >> when we have to establish the difference in age between the tino. >> yes. julia gardiner is 30 years almost exactly younger i was nd wa you c tyler and so when they got married, she was 24 and he was 54. >> one of the amazing thin at that point somebody looked over and they're passing mt. vernon. so the request was changed to stop the ship and fire the gun in honor of our first president. they couldn't turn that down. but when the ship did face downstream the gunner fired the can
.com there is so much happening. if you haven't been there, you ought to go. good night from washington. unloading on fox business and only fox business tonight at 8:00. see you then. >>> i am eric bolling with kimberly guilfoyle, bob beckel, dana perino, and greg gutfeld. it is 5:00 in new york city. as you read in the paper, it is "the five"! so last week we told you about the brutal beating of a 13-year-old white kid by three african-american teens on a school bus in florida. on "the five," we have been calling for civil rights leaders and the president to speak publicly about the issue. still haven't heard a word from al sharpton, president obama, eric holder, or the naacp, but over the weekend, rev. jesse jackson stepped up to the plate and said this. >> we tried to make contact of the family of the kids because we should discourage people attacking people, whether black, white, white, black, people should stop attacking people. you must learn to live together respectfully in a civilized way, and if it comes black white white black, it makes matters worse, it does not make it better. >> took
. we collected the data and brought it to washington. congress declared every child is entitled to an education, including those with disabilities. the struggle to bring people inside, to give them real ownership of the law is as old as our republic -- our republic. this month we mark the 160th anniversary of the seneca falls convention. this is also the time to focus on that remaining challenges. confidence has fallen to historic lows, even as the need for solid footing and has never been greater. f thority has been part of the national character since the pilgrims and complaining about the government is a treasure pastime. according to data, the majority's across all partisan and demographic groups expressed little or no trust in washington. stop and think about that for a minute. one of the observations i have made traveling the world over is how rare trust is. yet trust is the thread that weaves together the social fabric that enables democracy to exist. alienated fromre their government, democracy suffers. around the world in recent years, we have seen what can happen when
think john boehner should be speaker? >> i think -- it is not enough to manage inside washington d.c., have you got to go out and speak to the people, the fact is that house, has often not been able to properly address or talk about why what they are doing matters to average people, and not to getting any done. they could have put this president on offense 500 times, and by refusing to allow group of people, original tea party freshmen to rise up and have a voice, you are seeing a situation where we're being set up to lose again. we don't have a voice from right in leadership or a large position arguing that point. i point to the united states senate, if you want to see, the future of the republican party, and, of course, to grassroots, it would be great if we focused on women, women are earning 60% of college degrees, they continue to sooner highest income. i think this is a very important., i hate gender politics, but man, i am never going to be sidelined by this women issue crap,. neil: speak your mind, i never know where you are coming from. it is design or coincident that i no
reason to fear. dan balz is chief correspondent at the "washington post," also the author of the highly praised essential new book "collision 2012", obama versus romney and the future of elections in america. he joins us now from washington, d.c. dan, what a pleasure. thank you so much for being here on "viewpoint." >> john, thank you. >> john: congratulations to all of the acclaim your book has received. as you know, this weekend in iowa, both santorum and cruz criticized the romney campaign for its use of the catchphrase "you did build that." their argument it was another instance of him cozying up to the rich republicans. was that mitt romney's core problem as you see it? >> well, it was certainly a problem, john, in this respect. governor romney and president obama look at the economy from two totally different perspectives. their life experiences push them in different directions. when governor romney talked about the economy, he often talked about it from the perspective of job creators, whether small business people or larger business owners. he did not talk about the economy in
. at washington's reagan national airport, it would control 69% of the space and 63% of the routes. in a conference call with reporters, assistant attorney general william baer said the merger would "substantially lessen competition." he labeled the deal "pretty messed up; it's bad for consumers." for its part, a.m.r., the parent company of american said in a statement: employees, creditors and shareholders of the two airlines, plus the european union, had already okayed the deal. and the justice department did approve a series of earlier deals, including delta's acquisition of northwest in 2008, united's merger with continental in 2010, and southwest airlines' purchase of air tran a year after that. phil mattingly is covering the story for bloomberg news and joins me now. phil, this came as a surprise at least for those of you following this. >> exactly. look at the marketplace. u.s. airways down 13% today, a.m.r. down in over-the-counter trading. we spoke to some analysts who were rating this a 99% chance this deal would approved and there's a reason. there's really no precedent
and deep south. drenching rain could batter the areas like new york city and washington, d.c., on your tuesday. across the flipside of the continent, dry weather continues. in fact very dry across the northwest. wildfires have been reported and unfortunately more wildfires could occur due to strong winds and low humidity. temperatures will be 27 degrees in seattle and 27 as well in los angeles. it's going to cool down in chicago into the mid-20s as well as toronto and cooling down also in washington, d.c., on tuesday. all right, finally in europe then not much change since yesterday. lots of clouds toward the north. severe weather is happening in some places and dry across the south, and temperatures are going to be quite mild in many areas, such as berlin, 21 degrees for the high. 24 in warsaw, and 19 degrees for new london. but the iberian peninsula is still on the hot side. 35 for you in madrid with plenty of sunshine. here's the extended forecast. >>> we have one more story to share with you before we go. russian defense officials launched on monday a sporting event with a differen
at this lawn here. a washington fan so rabid he turns his lawn into a huge redskins logo made of colored stones. and he cares about it a lot. you see that yellow caution tape in front. stay away. >>> coming up, the latest response to oprah's handbaggate. plus a dog that's seriously raising the bar for all canine skaters. >>> welcome back. the dry end of summer weather continues in just about all areas of the west. really start to get to the late summer months we look ford the wet season upcoming. 104 in vegas. typical for this time of the year. warmer than we should be in the northwest. that's not going to last that much longer. enjoy the last couple of warm days we'll have. san francisco, areas down to the south, we'll try to get you a little warmer weather in the days ahead. we're going to inch it up here. tomorrow 83 and l.a., more typical where we should be. >> like you were saying that long run with the under 80 weather. >>> entertainment news now. an historic launch for the final run of amc's "breaking bad." the critically acclaimed drama drew 5.9 million viewers, making it the highest ra
has written extensively on the nsa. he joins froes washington, d.c. thank you for join us on "the war room." >> thanks. >> michael: should we be conce concerned that james clapper is involved in this investigation? >> well certainly. of all people to pick you pick someone who has admit lying before congress. it's absurd to put someone in charge of this panel who has that record. i thought clapper should have been fired for his abuse to congress. the fact that he was given that question at least a day before the hearing, and he was give the chance to correct the misstatement the day after the hearing, yet he did neither. he could have easily have said if he didn't want to admit is we can only discuss this issue in closed session. but the reason he said what he said was i think he wanted to fool the american public. he wasn't fooling congress because they already new the answer in committee, but he wanted to fool the public in believing that the nsa was not spying when in fact they were. >> michael: i cannot believe the reluctance of the administration not to fire the guy but then in a
of washington, just moving out of the mount vernonon area, south of prince george's county, along 66 toward front royal, there have been lightning strikes. a bit of thundershowers from frederick county, not far east of harpers ferry. separate batches of rain. some to our south. a chance of more of this later tonight but especially tomorrow. there is a cold front moving into the area, and that cold front will change everything. 72 in frederick. 77 in annapolis. muggy late tonight. a few isolated showers. temperatures hanging tough for one more day, and then the cool stuff up in michigan is heading south. >> thank you. >> new at 11:00 now, the martin luther king jr. likely will not be ready for the march on washington later this month. workers have been removing an indescription, but construction has now stopped. the contractor does not have insurance to finish the sand blasting. on workers accidentally stained it a brown color during the blasting process that was different than originally planned. >> also new tonight, an exclusive abc 7 investigation into how a mistake could have put the hea
offenders. the move could save the u.s. billions of dollars a year, as jane little reports from washington. >> america's prisons are overflowing. are in california, gyms turned into dormitories as the prison system struggles to cope. the numbers are striking. almost 1% of the adult population in the u.s. is in prison, and close to half of all inmates are serving time for drug-related offenses. taxpayerit cost the $80 billion. it is a legacy of the five decades long war on drugs, which enforced mandatory minimum sentences for even low level drug crimes. the attorney wants to change that. >> a vicious cycle of poverty, criminality, and incarceration traps too many americans and weakens too many communities. of our criminal justice system may exacerbate these problems rather than alleviate them. >> the prison population is disproportionately black and hispanic. the attorney dale general -- attorney general said it is people of color who often face harsher punishments than their periods. he wants to give judges greater discretion over sentencing to diverge some nonviolent drug offenders into t
for the 50th anniversary of the march on washington. this is news as crews already removed a controversy quote. but the finishing work has stalled because the contractor doesn't have insurance for sandblasting, plus, works accidently stained the memorial during a different process. well, 2:33 and the war on drugs may never be the same is. the justice department is ready to scale back the harsh sentences for certain related crimes. >> this plan will save money and also keep communities intact, not everyone is sold on this idea. >> this morning two major changes in crime laws with implications for millions. attorney general eric holder has ordered federal prosecutors to stop sweeping up nonviolent drug offender and accept tensing them to mandatory prison terms. >> we cannot simply prosecute, or incarcerate our way to becoming a safer nation. >> order is concerned about disparities this the criminal justice system, that unfairly hit poor and maymorety communities. he says the proposal will ease billions in prison costs. local lift welcome the news. >> i think it is the right thing to do. >>
and relacked environment. >> all right, 6:27, and still another half hour of "good morning washington." >> a major traffic headache to talk to you about for drivers on, i six isty dive, after a pedestrian is hit and killed. coming up, exactly what you need to know to get around these. ready? happy birthday! it's a painting easel! the tide's coming in! this is my favorite one. it's upside down. oh, sorry. (woman vo) it takes him places he's always wanted to go. that's why we bought a subaru. live, and in h.d. this is good morning, washington on your side. >> straight ahead at 6:30, the latest on this traffic situation for drivers coming in from fairfax county. after a pedestrian is hill hit and killed. >> plus, a you remember toker advise discoer. >> and a casinos identity mix up as up to a $1 million mistake. good morning, to you, washington, it is tuesday august 13th. we are getting started with weather. we have some is storms coming in and some are severe? >> yes, we do have some thunderstorms reported. so not in our area, we just have light showers which have finally made their way
including washington, d.c., and new york city. that could impact your morning commute. temperatures are going to be cooling down slightly across the east. 28 degrees for you in washington, d.c., and 26 degrees in new york city. excuse me, 28 degrees for new york city as well. finally in europe, lsevere weather is battling many areas, but areas like denmark, northern germany, nice conditions will return. and you can see some nice conditions in some places. this is the picture coming out of denmark yesterday. and if you are living in the southern parts of the continent, you could be seeing another sky show, that's the meteor show tonight, because of sunny skies and clear skies at night. temperatures will be quite mild in many places but very hot still in the iberian peninsula. here's your extended forecast. >>> before we wrap up, russian military commanders have launched a sporting event with a difference. competitors raced armored vehicles while shooting at targets. they're calling it the tank biathlon. organizers modeled the event on the traditional biathlon, where target cross coun
? >> i think that washington right now is a little short on some of the virtues and i'm not even the senior senator from rhode island but i want to do what i can to try to push a different debate into the discussion and to look back and see what people have said and done at some of the most important times in history, things that capture a particular piece of the human spirit. i think that adds a little bit of value. maybe only a little bit but you do what you can. >> stephen: do you think this is an important time in human history? >> i do. >> stephen: why is nothing happening then? (cheers and applause) if this is so important, why is nothing happening? (cheers and applause) >> because we're at a junction and the fight is where do we turn? what direction do we go? and pretty soon i think paralysis in washington is going to break. i think the grip of the tea party on the republican party is going to diminish. i think a more moderate republican is going to be able to a peer and we'll work together and move forward in to broad and summit uplands. >> stephen: rulely? how about that
republicanos para que apoyen a la reforma. desde washington, lourdes meluza, dice a cuÁles polÍticos quieren convencer, y quÉ harÁn en su intento por lograrlo. >>> sÍ se puede. >>> estos activistas de california, caminarÁn 285 millas de sacramento a bakersfield, buscando a su paso convencer al pueblo y congresistas republicanos de la importancia de una reforma migratoria, con camino a la ciudadanÍa, el obispo jaime soto bendijo la peregrinaciÓn de 21 dÍas, el lado visible de la movilizaciÓn, en reuniones asÍ, debaten la estrategia para conseguir el apoyo de republicanos. >>> creo que hay mÁs de 40 o 50 rupublicanos que estarÍan dispuestos a votar por una reforma integral. >>> 19 republicanos, incluyendo a aarÓn de illinois en esta reuniÓn en su distrito, defendieron su respaldo a una reforma migratoria, con camino a la ciudadanÍa. entre los mÁs recientes, webster de la florida, kaufman de colorado, king de nueva york, y baladao de california, shock de illinois, y rocker de washington. se concentraron en 17 legisladores de california, colorado, nueva york, y la florida. >>> por
of washington, sort of, the government reported a nearly $98 billion budget deficit for the month of july. that means uncle sam is now on track to post the lowest annual budget shortfall in four years. the reasons for the shrinking deficit, slow but steady economic growth, higher taxes, less government spending and the turnaround in the bailed out washington run mortgage giants, fannie mae and freddie mac. >>> this will be a big week for fresh data about the u.s. economy. those reports will be closely watched not only by investors but by the policy makers at the federal reserve, as they decide if and when to begin tapering their economic stimulus program. steve tells us what's on this week's calendar, and which reports are most important to fed chairman ben bernanke and company. >> good evening. a big week for economic data, that will go a long way toward figuring out whether the economy is strong enough for the federal reserve to ease back on the support its giving. we'll get a read on the consumer with july retail sales tomorrow morning, and economists are looking for a modest but still
of hikers who spent the night in the wilderness in northern washington state are safe because of excellent engineering. a temporary road was built in north cascade national park after floodwaters flashed out a permanent one. it forced 65 people stranded in nature. constructi was finished. >>> new this morning, tragedy at a baseball game. a fan at atlanta's turner field fell more than 60 feet to his death during the brave's home game last night. this happened after a lengthy rain delay, nearly 90 minutes. investigators are trying to figure out how he fell. it's believed to be the second fatal fall at the stadium. >>> now, to a pair of legal developments, the effects can be felt coast-to-coast. one involves how drug offenders are dealt with. >> the other addresses the power of police and how they interact with civilians, particularly in new york. tahman bradley has details on both. >> reporter: this morning, two major changes in crime laws with implications for millions. attorney general eric holder has ordered federal prosecutors to stop sweeping up nonviolent drug offenders and sentencing
monitor to oversee the nypd. tahman bradley, abc news, washington. >>> this morning seattle police want to know why a man snapped and shot a bus driver. the gunman jumped to a second bus, filled with passengers. police shot and killed the suspect through the window of that second bus. the driver is in stable condition. and his spirits are said to be high. >>> defense attorney says former boston mobster, james "whitey" bulger will appeal a series of convictions against him. he was found of 11 murders, along with racketeering, and money laundering. he is likely to spend the rest of his life in prison. prosecutors failed to gain convictions against bulger for eight other killings. >>> now, to the strongest indications that hillary clinton plans a presidential run in 2016. in a speech before the american bar association last night, clinton announced her plans to give a series of big policy speeches in the coming months. perhaps more telling is this exchange between a reporter and anthony weiner. >> still working on it then? >> she's helping out every day. >> is -- do you know what the role
, a week ago today, when you saw our sector estate john kerry open negotiations in washington between the israelis and the palestinians, that's diplomacy. and when president obama and russian president vladimir putin and the chinese president xi jinping meet in st. petersburg as i think they will and a couple of weeks to talk about global economic problems, that, too, is diplomacy. when president bush and president obama negotiated one by one free trade agreements between the united states and colombia and panama, that's economic diplomacy. and when nations meet to fight climate change and try to eradicate trafficking of women and children and try to fight global drug and crime cartel, that's multilateral diplomacy. when we move tons, hundreds of thousands of tons of food aid to poor countries where people are starving, like north korea, that's humanitarian diplomacy. so diplomacy encompasses those thousands of actions taken each day by government, like ours, by international organizations like the u.n. by nonprofit organizations like the gates foundation to connect, connect countries
sighting in northern california and southern oregon. the amber alert is expanded to washington state and idaho. authorities don't locate the car. >> wednesday night a major break. horse bike riders bought a couple -- >> they didn't fit very well. the expressions on their face. their demeanor, just didn't fit that country. they -- >> the following day, the riders called law enforcement. >> the minute i saw amber alert on television, i immediately pointed to my wife, i said that is the girl we seen on that mountain. >> a massive search begins. hundreds of local, state and federal law enforcement officials rush to the scene. >> one other thing about this area, it's dotted with rivers, creeks and lakes out in the middle of nowhere. if someone wanted to survive out here, it survived for months. >> on friday, august 9th, cnn breaks the news that dimaggio's blue versa is found under brush. the license plates removed. saturday august 10th, federal agents spot the campsite, the fbi believes the hoss tabtage a rescue team has delivered a two and a half hour walk from the camp. dimaggio fires a
airways. this is the justice department, also the city of washington, d.c. and six attorneys general, all voting to say a federal court should block this merger. basically their point is it's going to vastly reduce competition. it would basically mean four companies would control the squort of routes in the u.s. it would result in the largest airline in the world, they say, and will end competition, head to head, airline to airline competition. it says that not only will airfares go up, but when there's less competition, airlines tend to add on more of what they call ancillary fees, fees to check your bags get pour legroom, and you'll see more of that if there's less competition. washington, d.c. is in on it, because the jut department and city here say it would, it says that roughly 70% of the flights there would be controlled by just this one big airline. >> flying has changed dramatically. pete williams in the newsroom, thank you. we appreciate it. >> you bet. >>> during a wide-ranging speech, hillary clinton slammed north carolina's new law. >> legislators in north carolina pushed thr
back to "the lead." i'm jake tapper. in money news, washington ain't cheap, especially when you're an unpaid intern on capitol hill. but one person is crowd sourcing her way to the capital. >> calling all benefactors, would you spare a nickel to pay for this intern's expenses while see interned for harry reed this fall? otherwise she says she will miss out on this once in a lifetime chance to take advantage of this crucial career move without loans. ironic because plenty of lawmakers here are constantly fighting to raise the federal minimum wage. but in their own offices they're not even paying some of their hardest workers. >> only congress among anybody in the federal government, only congress is allowed to use unpaid interns because they've explic explicitly written an exemption for themselves into the law. z >> it's not just washington looking for free labor. lots of those hollywood internships don't pay either. he worked on "the black swan" and later sued because he say it was not fair. >> the vast majority of people cannot work for free or have the parents afford to have t
? speaker this is a mess. take way will be washington takes care of its own and doesn't pay attention obamacare passed, it forced the federal govement to drop the employer-sponsored insurance so unlike every other employer, is one had to go away, dumped the staffers into the obamacare exchanges and it barred the federal government from supporting the health insurance so you have any kind of a contribution. gerr like regular americans they only get the money when they deserve the money. there are certain economic thresholds. doesn't it me a difference? >> i don't think they should get the subsidies, it is not the int the law did mething clean it wodn't. if you like your insurance, you don't have to change it. it actually said you have to get rid of it, that was step number one. step number two was indefensie in fixing this. ruling we did not mean it, we are sorry. they had no ability to do that. this is the latest in that the administration has used his executive powers to orrule the law and it has become just a joke. laws are passed and should be hered to by the administration. gerri:
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